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TS EDcet Exam syllabus – CIVICS

TS Ed.CET-2020

SOCIAL STUDIES: Part – C : CIVICS (Syllabus) Marks : 15
I Political Science – Concepts and Theories:
1. Introduction, definition, scope and importance of political science.
2. Approaches to study of political science – Traditional and Modern.
3. Relation with other social sciences: History, Economics and Sociology.
4. State – theories of origin of the state Divine, Social contract and Historical evolutionary.
5. Nationalism – nation – state and right of self – determination.
6. Sovereignty – Nature, evolution, theories, and classifications.
7. Law
8. Liberty
9. Equality
10. Justice
11. Rights and Duties and Human Rights.
12. Democracy and forms of democracy
13. Government – Parliamentary, presidential, unitary and federal.
14. Constitution – written and unwritten; flexible and rigid.
15. Separation of powers –legislature executive and judiciary.
16. Electoral representation and methods of voting.
17. Political parties and types of party system.
18. Public opinion – Public opinion and democracy; public opinion and mass media.
II Indian Government and Politics:
1. Constitutional Development of Indian Council Acts of 1909; government of India Act of 1919 and 1935;
Cabinet mission Plan, Mountbatten plan and Indian independence Act.
2. Constituent Assembly and making of the Indian Constitution; Salient features of Indian
3. Fundamental Rights; Directive Principles of state policy and Fundamental Duties.
4. Indian Federal System and Centre –State Relations.
5. Parliament of India – Functions and powers; President, Prime Minister and council of Ministers.
6. Judiciary- Supreme Court of India: powers and functions; High Court in India; powers and functions.
7. Party system in India- National and regional political parties
8. Government at the state level – Governor ; State Legislature ; Chief Minister
9. National integration and challenges to national integration; Language; religion and
communalism; Regionalism; Secessionism and Terrorism.
10. Social Movements – Peasant; Tribal and Women‘s Movements.
International Relations:
1. International Relations- Meaning ; nature and scope ;origin and growth ; modern state system;
State and Non-State Actors.
2. Developments in international relations ; Cold War; End of Cold War; Bipolarity; Third World
countries; Non-Aligned Movement.
3. International Organizations and regional Organizations.; The UNO-evolution, structure, functions and its
specialized agencies ; world bank and international monetary fund; SAARC
4. Arms control and Disarmament.
5. India‘s Foreign Policy- determinants and salient principles.

Public Administration
I. Public Administration – Concepts and Theories
1. Meaning and scope of Public Administration
2. Importance of Public Administration in the context of Globalization,
Privatization & Liberalization.
3. Evolution of Public Administration.
4. Relation with other Social Sciences (with special reference to political Science;
Sociology & Economics).
5. Politics & Public Administration – Dichotomy – Woodrow Wilson,
6. Classical Theory:
a. Structures & Principles of Organization – Gulick & Urwick
b. Scientific management – Taylor.
c. Bureaucracy – Weber.
7. Human relations Approach: Elton Mayo
8. Behavioural Approach: Simon (Decision Making), Barnard (Authority & Informal Organizations)
and Mc Gregor (Theory X and Theory Y).
9. Comparative Public Administration – Weidner Rigg‘s
10. Development Administration – Weidner
11. New public administration
12. New Public Management Perspective.
13. Concepts in Administration: Planning, Leadership, Supervision, Communication, Public Relations,
Public Administration in India;
1. Evolution of Indian administration -• Ancient Medieval Mughal and British
Periods – Continuity and Change in Indian Administration after Independence
2. Context of Indian Administration – Social, Economic and Political.
3. Union Government and Administration – President, Prime Minister, Council of Ministers,
Central Secretariat, Cabinet Secretariat, Cabinet Committees and Prime Minister‘s Office.
4. Union and State Relations and Agencies – Administrative Relations -Inter State
Council, Finance Commission, All India Service, National Development Council.
5. Public Enterprises in India:
a. Forms of Public Enterprises – (i) Department (ii) Corporation and Company.
6. State Government and Administration: Governor, Chief Minister, Council of
Ministers, State Secretariat/Directorates, Regional Administration/ General
Administration and Chief Secretary.
7. District Administration: Changing Role of District Collector – Special Agencies – DRDA, ITDA.
8. Local Governments – Rural and Urban – Structure and functions – 73rd and74th
Constitutional amendment.
9. Control over Administration.
a) Legislative Control
b) Judicial Control
c) Citizen’s Control – Lok Pal / Lokayukta
d) Consumer Protection Forum.
e) CVC (Central Vigilance Commission)
10 Administration of Welfare Programmes for Weaker Sections – S.C.s, S.T.s,
Women, Minorities.
11. Administrative Reforms, Recommendations of important Commissions and
12. Good Government and e-Governance.

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